Treibball Associaton of Canada

There were a lose group of Treibball players considering forming an association.

A formative group is acting temporarily as contacts as a structure is developmed.

An initial organization meeting was held on Saturday, March 2, 2012. 

More meetings were held on May 5, June 23 and October 13th and in early December, 2012.

The group has now applied to the federal government to become a "Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association".

Here is our draft constitution and objects - as soon as we hear from the government (at least, if it is a positive "yes you are registered" we can call a meeting to vote on them, make any changes and decide what our priorities are for the rest of the year).  Stay the meantime....

Minutes and call details can be found in the Yahoo Group, or for more information please use the "Contact Us" button.

Resources potential Board of Directors members can use:

Guide to Serving on a Board (focuses on encouraging women to join boards, material is excellent for everyone and gives an excellent overview of how boards work, how to participate effectively and - importantly - how to leave well)