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Shout out of thanks - to Cheryl Asmus-Aigar of e-training for dogs (a great training resource with many great courses on dogs and their behaviour). 

Check them out here.



Treibball Yahoo Group (international)  

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Media Coverage

Hear the “Ball Crazy” an interview with Dianna Stearns, American Treibball Association president, May 9, 2011 on the Bark at Brad show.

Listen to an interview with Dianna Stearns, ATA president, March 28, 2011 on Bark Out Loud Weekly. Read the transcript of the chat that followed the podcast by clicking here.

Print Media

The Bark Magazine, September-October 2011: On the Ball

Aiken No Tomo (Companion of Your Dog) August 2011 (Japanese publication): Guide to Dog Sports

Dog Fancy Magazine, April 2011:  Driving Ball

Mile High Dog, August/September 2010:  Treibball-Denver’s Hot New Dog Sport

Blogs and Online Media

Treibball Directionals on YouTube

Karen Pryor, July 1, 2011

The Examiner: Treibball Classes at ATPC, June 24, 2011

Daily Dog News: Treibball Training – The Beginning! March 29, 2011

Up for Pups: Treibball! January 28, 2011

Champion of My Heart: Treibball Basics. January 11, 2011

Boulder Dog: Sadie Scores at Treibball Winter Games! January 17, 2011

Fang Shui Canines: Treibball-aaand Action! December 13, 2010

Dog Play: No Sheep? Try Treibball For Your Herding Dog. November 21, 2010 (offers Handbook for a fee)

Rebel Dog Training: Try Treiball! November 7, 2010

The Bark: Treibball-Dogs Herd Balls in a New Sport From Germany. September 10, 2010

The Days of Johann, An Agility Dog: Treibball-updated! September 6, 2010

 International Coverage

Natural Dogmanship (in German) (translate link)
The home page for Jan Nijboer. This address is the primary site and provides the most information. The home page provides links to Swiss and English language versions. Posted on the English language version is this pdf based article written by Jan describes how he originated this activity as a dog sport.
Treibball (in Swedish) (translate link

Site by Linda Westergre -Treibball (in Swedish) (translate link
More history of Treibball as a formal sport. It describes different level of competition and provides some graphics showing the positions of the balls for each. Driving Ball (in German)(translate link)

Treibball Switzerland (in German - Swiss) (translate link)

Treibball Club